Saturday, February 19, 2011


good morning may think why this idiot is saying good morning right now...???
because this is being said by the blog.{.rather than the blogger}.i.e.since you are seeing this blog for the first time..hehe..!
Mera baadha yeh hai ki...."everybody must observe before they act.."
{aapke mann meh yeh prashn aa gaya hoga.. ki..kyun aisa karna hai....??}
In the previous blog i have expressed my opinion on imagination---success...but in order to imagine one must "observe" how things are being worked out by experts/ the arena concerned i.e.THE ARENA IN WHICH YOU ARE ABOUT TO START YOUR CAREER

otherwise its really difficult to imagine...because what we observe is stored in our brain and when we think of the will come up with creative ideas.....
we all know what an idea can do{idea's caption}

By observing consciously, what an expert does, our mind starts finding faults, if the work being performed!! However one may preferably not inform the faults to others as the same may hurt them or they may surpass you..!!

Then your problem solving nature helps you to get a solution and perfection....
{you may think....ohh....look how he is lecturing as if he is the world's most ideal man}

The thing is I may not be able to do what i said every-time, but i shall do the same if i tell it to many people...{Dr.B.V.Pattabhiram's technique}

and one more saying so i might be able to convince at least some of you to follow this....and get better....which in turn, makes me feel proud, as i am of some use...

So thats my BAADHA....hope you are confused a loott....

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